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How Old is Too Old?

In his book, A Salty Piece of Land, Jimmy Buffet has a heroine named Cleopatra Highbourne that is 101 years old. Cleopatra sails all around the Caribbean on a 142-foot schooner named Lucretia that is also over a hundred years old. Reading the book you meet Cleopatra in the first few pages. She sparked my […]

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Turn Your Radio On

You know that smile you get on your face when you put on a coat that you haven’t worn in a while and you reach in the pocket and find a five dollar bill? Well, I got that smile on my face this past weekend. I was headed down to Ocean Isle from Cheraw. My […]

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Cheraw, SC – 05/21/11

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Cheraw, SC – 05/20/11

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Ocean Isle Beach, NC – 05/14/11

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Emmylou on the Late Show

David Letterman is funny, but he doesn’t always have the best musical acts on his show. However, two weeks ago Emmylou Harris performed a song from her new album on his show. In case you missed it, check it out here. Emmylou’s new album, Hard Bargain, released in late April, has eleven of her new […]

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Cheraw, SC – 05/06/11

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Mother’s Day Weekend

We’re moving on from Cinco de Mayo and heading into Fiesta de Madre this weekend… Here is a song to get you in the right spirit for Mother’s Day this weekend. This is a performance by one of my daughter Amy’s favorite bands in the Washington, DC area, John K Band. John Kadlecik is the […]

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

We just got back from Mexico Fiesta Tapatia in Cheraw, where we have our annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. So glad Will and Jeannine were in town to join us this year. We had to trade in their Eskimo hats for some sombreros but it all worked out. My friend Walker came along too but […]

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Going Up The Country

I woke up Saturday, May 1st, with that old Canned Heat song, “I’m Going up the Country ” on my mind. I was excited about playing later that evening at Southern Eighths which is about as “up the country” as you can get in Chesterfield County. In fact, it is so far up the country […]

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