Emmylou on the Late Show

David Letterman

Funnyman Dave Letterman

David Letterman is funny, but he doesn’t always have the best musical acts on his show. However, two weeks ago Emmylou Harris performed a song from her new album on his show. In case you missed it, check it out here. Emmylou’s new album, Hard Bargain, released in late April, has eleven of her new songs and a couple of covers.  We have been fans of Emmylou for a long time. When Kay and I first got married, we had a boxer named Emmylou. When Amy was two or three years old, Kay saw Emmylou leaving her dressing room at Merlefest in Wilkesboro, NC. She stopped her and handed Amy to her, and we still have the picture of Emmylou holding Amy.

While we’re on the subject of Dave, did you see Bill Murray showing off his horse riding skills Friday night in preparation for the Kentucky Derby?  Click here to watch.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray on The Late Show

We were pulling for Pants on Fire, but congratulations to Animal Kingdom on the victory. Who were y’all pulling for?


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  1. oh, great, Newt Gingrich finally did announce his Presidential bid, so get on it Saturday Night Live, got plenty work to do SNL

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